Astrophotography Tutorial – Step 2 Postprocessing


Now that we have our image(s) we need to take them into post processing to try to bring out some more of the detail of the night sky.  There are a number of options for this:

  • Canon DPP – Canons post processing software.  That’s not a direct link but Canons site isn’t exactly easy to navigate.  I had to find my camera – go to a driver / download section, input my serial number and only then was I given a download.
  • Capture NX-D – Nikons post processing software
  • Raw Therapee
  • Lightroom

Of the above lightroom you’ll need to pay for but its hugely useful and probably the best value spend you’ll make on photography

Equipment Used

  • Post processing software (explained above)

Processing in LIghtroom

I wont attempt to explain how to process the image in lightroom because there are already amazing guides out there – the one which helped me the most was made by Ian Norman at lonely spec.  and can be found here

Processing in DPP

If you dont have lightroom you can do some basic image processing in DPP, You can follow along with Ians tutorial above, some of the terms and controls are a little different but the basics are the same, adjust exposure, white balance, tint, tone curve etc etc

Here are a few snapshots of my final settings:

The end result looks like:

Light polluted image after DPP processing

If you’re following along from home you’d probably want to spend a little more time trying to brighten up the foreground a little to get some of the lost detail back.

Here’s the before and after slideshow

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also processed the image in lightroom, here is an example of one of the later shots in the series when the tree in the foreground got lit by a heat sensitive flood light:

Light polluted image after Lightroom processing//

If you are only producing a single image you’re pretty much done now, if you are aiming to produce a time lapse you’ll need to sync your changes, in DPP this is done by going to the edit menu and selecting Copy Selected Recipe then selecting all your images and paste recipe.  Now use the batch processor to generate all your JPEGs


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