Beginner TIps

Beginner Next Steps

Once you get used to the basic settings on your camera you will want to start playing with some of the more advanced settings, you’ll want to:

Start Shooting Raw

Now that you’ve gotten used to framing your shots how you want them you can switch to shooting raw (or JPEG and raw if you want to maintain easy sharing).  This will allow you to start correcting things in post.  Raw files contain a lot more info than jpeg files and all this extra info can be used to better edit settings, correct exposure, white balance, individual color level etc etc etc.

Understand How Exposure Works

In short how bright your photos are (exposure) depends on how sensitive the sensor is configured to be (ISO setting) how big the hole the light uses to get into the camera is (Aperture) and how long the light is allowed to enter the camera for (shutter speed) .  Play with these settings get a feel for what happens when you increase / decrease them

Start Using Aperture / Shutter Priority Modes

Now that you have a basic idea of how exposure works try using Aperture / Shutter modes, I generally spend most of my time in Aperture priority modes for all but when I am shooting action shots.  These modes will give you a lot more control over what your pictures will look like.

Play With Manual Focus

Some types of photography like astro photography or macro photography require manual focus but its also worth playing with it for the experience.  I’d still AF pretty much all of the time though


Explore the various different types of photography, see what you like. hopefully this blog will help with that.



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