Lite Photography Home

Welcome to the Lite Photography blog.

The goal of this blog is to focus on the beginners path through photography.  I hope to help people to develop as a photographer, to teach techniques and to try to educate around the need to buy more stuffs that seems prevalent.  I’ll give all my examples using as basic equipment / software as possible  The aim is to allow people to experience that various parts of photography I have learned with as little financial/time commitment as possible and then move on from there.

I consider myself a beginner photographer too and what you will see on this site is not an expert with years of experience showing you the best way to do things but a beginner showing you how he does these things and trying to get the best returns from small investments.  If you see something here thats wrong or overly complicated or uses two pieces of software when one (free) one will do please comment, this is as much for my own education as for visitors.

Please leave any comments / requests for content that you have.  If this site has helped / inspired you to produce something please comment and maybe even link your work.

I’ll leave you to enjoy the blog – make sure to check out the tutorials page for an easier to navigate collection of the various tutorial posts.


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